DAO Governance

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The Nucleum AI DAO is the central platform for community-driven decision-making in project development. It brings the community together to make important decisions and coordinate efforts to approve or reject proposed changes.

Each member of the Nucleum AI DAO has the unique ability to contribute ideas and influence the development, direction, and technical aspects of Nucleum AI's products.

This decentralized organization empowers community members to actively shape the future of Nucleum AI, fostering inclusivity and diverse perspectives in decision-making. Through transparent and participatory governance, Nucleum AI aims to create a community-driven ecosystem where every member's voice contributes to the project's success.

Becoming a DAO member at Nucleum AI:

  1. Obtain XNAI Token: Start by acquiring XNAI tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Nucleum AI. This is often done through cryptocurrency exchanges or other designated platforms.

  2. Stake XNAI: Once you have XNAI tokens, stake them within the DAO system. Staking involves locking up a certain amount of tokens to show your commitment and support for the project.

  3. Join the DAO Platform: After staking XNAI, join the DAO platform. This is the central hub where community discussions and decision-making take place. Here, you can actively participate, share your insights, and contribute to the governance of Nucleum AI.

By following these three steps, you not only become a DAO member but also gain the ability to actively shape the future development and direction of Nucleum AI.


Participating in decision-making is a fundamental right granted to every Nucleum AI DAO member. Unlike being tied to financial capabilities, voting is an inherent privilege extended to all community members. To ensure a commitment to quality decision-making rather than arbitrary choices, the voting mechanism is intentionally structured. Each member can submit only one vote per proposal, per account. Once a vote is cast, users cannot alter their decisions, promoting transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.

Creating a Proposal

To submit a proposal to the Nucleum AI DAO, members need to meet the criteria for the Diamond tier, achieved by accumulating over 200,000 XNAI tokens. As a Diamond tier member, referred to as a Celestial Catalyst in Nucleum AI, you gain the privilege to initiate proposals, allowing you to actively contribute to the decision-making process and influence the project's development. This tier-based approach ensures that proposals are put forth by members with a significant level of commitment and contribution to the Nucleum AI ecosystem.

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