Airdrop Farmer Assistant

The term "airdrop farmer" is used in the cryptocurrency world to describe individuals who attempt to acquire new or upcoming tokens, especially those expected to be released into the market. Cryptocurrency projects often distribute a certain amount of free tokens to users as a way to promote their projects, attract users, and expand their communities. These free distributions are called "airdrops."

The term "airdrop farmer" refers to individuals who regularly track these free distributions and make efforts to obtain airdrops from various projects with the aim of accumulating tokens. These individuals seek to benefit from airdrops by using the projects or by holding a certain amount of cryptocurrency in specific wallets.

However, the term can also carry a negative connotation. Some individuals participate in numerous projects solely to earn tokens, without understanding the true purpose of the projects or having genuine interest in them. This behavior is a subject of discussion and criticism within the cryptocurrency community.

Aware of this situation, cryptocurrency projects sometimes introduce new and unexpected criteria to reward genuine users. Nucleum AI eliminates the concern of missing innovations in projects while making the process ultra-easy by identifying deficiencies in your wallet based on your specified budget.


Comprehensive API Infrastructure

Nucleum AI has examined all airdrop criteria to date and is designed to provide users with the most suitable actions for these criteria.

  • Current API list:

    • ETH Gwei

    • Ethereum Blockchain

    • zkSync Blockchain

    • ENS Owner

    • Gitcoin Pass

    • Trustgo

Budget Setting

It offers recommendations based on the budget you set to help users manage their airdrop participations according to their targeted budget. This allows users to plan which airdrops to participate in with their chosen amount of cryptocurrency and manage their budgets more effectively.

Smart Wallet Analysis

By thoroughly analyzing users' wallets, it detects deficiencies and provides recommendations on which airdrops and transactions to focus on more.

User-Friendly Interface

With its user-friendly interface, it allows users to easily navigate the platform. It provides easy access to airdrop tracking, budget setting, and other features, enabling users to leverage opportunities in the crypto world more effectively.

Wallet Score

It evaluates wallet quality with highly detailed criteria, determining a wallet score. Additionally, wallet information is saved when queried, allowing users to track wallet development and access their information from a specific snapshot date at any time.

Real-time Notifications (PRO)

For users who register their wallets, it sends real-time notifications, reminding them to engage in regular transactions and keeping them informed about new airdrop opportunities. This ensures users promptly learn about unmissable opportunities and can take swift action.

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